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Repair Services

Techy Gilroy offers repair services for iPhones, Smartphones, Androids, iPads, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Gaming Consoles, Televisions, and More!

Techy Gilroy fixes broken iPhones

iPhone Repair Services

Is your iPhone running slowly, or your battery not holding a charge for long? Did you drop your phone and crack the screen, or expose it to water or liquid? Is your charging port damaged and not working correctly? Techy Gilroy is your go-to electronics repair facility in South County. Simply drop your iPhone off with us and get it repaired at an affordable price, many times while you wait.



Smartphone Repair Services

Does your smartphone overheat or have delays in responsiveness? We keep many batteries, replacement screens, and charging ports in stock so we can repair your smartphone the same day that you bring it in. Conveniently located in Gilroy, Techy offers smartphone screen and back glass replacement, new battery installation and more. What can we fix for you?


Techy Gilroy fixes broken android phones

Android Repair Services

Your android device is important to you, and keeping your android smartphone working at peak performance is important to us. We specialize in android repair and maintenance, and carry many batteries and replacement screens in stock to get your smartphone repaired quickly. Give us a call at (408) 852-3344 for a quote and let us get your phone working like new.

Techy Gilroy fixes broken iPads

iPad Repair Services

Is your processor slow or is your iPod freezing? Wifi connection issues? We specialize in reparing Apple iPods and MP3 players in general. There are several issues that can keep your MP3 player from working at its best, and we have solutions for all of them. So bring your portable media player (PMP), digital audio player (DAP), iPod, or MP3 player to us and we'll fix it!


Tablet Repair Services

Your tablet has become part of your daily life, and Techy Gilroy is here to keep your tablets running smoothly. If you crack your tablet screen, need a replacement battery, screen protector, case or cover, we've got you covered. We can frequently repair your mini or full-sized tablet same-day. Drop off your tablet, do some shopping, and pick it up when you're done!

Techy Gilroy fixes broken game consoles like XBox, Nintendo, Playstation, Switch

Game Console Repair Services

Whether you have a Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft XBox, Super NES Classic, or other console, the technicians at Techy Gilroy can fix your console's technical challenges. Solving Kinnect problems, console shutdowns, audio or video glitches, game freezing, gamepad issues, or internet connectivity, we can get your console back at peak performance.

Techy Gilroy fixes broken game controllers, Nintendo, Playstation, XBox, Switch

Game Controller Repair Services

Does your console game controller stick drift? Have mushy or sticky buttons? Have a worn joystick? How about wireless connectivity issues? Poor battery life? Techy Gilroy is here to keep your game controllers working at their best. We sell new game controllers, but can also fix your malfunctioning controllers and restore them to like-new condition.


Laptop/Desktop Repair Services

Is your laptop's performace struggling to keep up with your pace? Need a memory upgrade, new video card, or basic maintenance? Techy Gilroy specializes in laptop repair whether you have a Macintosh, Windows, or Linux computer. We can take your laptop and perform hardware upgrades and fix software issues to get your computer back in action.

Techy Gilroy fixes broken MP3 players and iPods

iPod/MP3 Repair Services

Whether you have an iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, or iPod Touch, the Technicians at Techy Gilroy have you covered. If your iPod or MP3 player won't start, turn on, freezes or gets stuck on the Apple logo, or shows a folder with an exclamation point, call or stop by our store for a quick quote and repair plan to get your music going again!

Techy Gilroy fixes your broken smart watch

Smart Watch Repair Services

Is your smartwatch battery draining to quickly? Is the voice control not working as expected? Are you having touch screen problems, or lost data issues? Techy Gilroy is here to keep your watch functioning at it's best. Give us a call or stop by the store so we can evaluate your device, and provide a quote and repair plan to get your smartwatch working again.

Techy Gilroy fixes broken televisions and TVs

Other Gadget Repair Services

Is your television, or radio not working as expected? Did you damage your LCD screen? Audio or video problems? The team at Techy Gilroy has the expertise to diagnose the problem and run diagnostic tests to identify the source of the error and get to the bottom of it. Solving technical challenges is what we do, and Gilroy is where we do it.

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