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MP3 Player Repair Services

Techy Gilroy repairs any kind of MP3 player. We can replace your device battery, replace damaged buttons, repai liquid damage, or help you with any other MP3 player challenge you may be having. Types of MP3 players we service include but not limited to; SanDisk Clip Sport Plus, Sandisk Clip Jam, Mighty Vibe, AfterShockz OpenSwim, Sony Walkman, Astell & Kern, Fiio M11S, Hifi Walker, Timmkoo, Aiworth, Agptek, Shokz OpenSwim, and Onkyo.



Does your MP3 player freeze in the middle of playing a song? A restart usually fixes the problem, but it could be caused by a deeper issue. Techy Gilroy can evalaute your device, and run diagnoatic tests to determine the reason for freezing, and correct the problem.


Can't Load Songs


If you're not able to load songs from your computer onto your MP3 player, it could be a cable issue, it could be a defective port, or something else all together. Bring your MP3 player to Techy Gilroy and we'll get to the bottom of the cause and fix it!


MP3 Player Won't Turn On or Charge


If your MP3 player won't accpet a charge or turn on, if it's not a dead battery, it could be something more serious. Techy Gilroy can connect to your device with our diagnostic tools to determine what to repair, apply the fix and get you on your way!


Computer Won't recognize Device


If your computer won't recognize your MP3 player, there could be a formatting problem, connection problem, or something else. by bringing your device in to our store, we can run proper diagnostic tests to determine the source of the problem and apply the appropriate repairs.


Unwanted Song Deletion


Does your MP3 player delete songs from your device on its own? A firmware update, or using the factory reset button can often times solve the problem, but if the issue persists, bring your MP3 player in to our store and let our technicians solve the problem.


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