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Techy Extras

Techy Gilroy offer customers additional third party services to enhance computer products and value. Please use these resources as needed.

DriveSavers provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified secure data recovery service in the industry. Never assume data is unrecoverable; We can save it! Call 800-440-1904 seven days a week for a free estimate. Use code "DS41415" for reference.


Upsie Warranties

Never pay for a cracked screen again! (Up to $250 per claim), and protect your phone with an Upsie warranty for only $9.99/month. $0 cracked screen deductible, accidental damage protection, fast, quality repairs, Free cancellation at any time. Use code "12279" for reference.

AppGuard Solo

AppGuard Solo protects your phone against certain applications with the greatest risk of malware, such as Microsoft and Adobe products.


Lookout Cloud Security Platform is the only cloud-native solution that delivers zero trust security by reducing risk, and protecting your corporate data on any device, any app, any location.


Zip gives you the freedom and flexibility to get what you want now, and pay later. Buy it today, pay for it in 4 installments. Shop anywhere and choose Zip at checkout to pay later.
You'll pay the first installment upfront, and the rest over 6 weeks.

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