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Game Controller Repair Services

Techy Gilroy repairs any kind of game controller from first generation Atari, to current generation PlayStation. We service any type of game controller, but models we frequently work on are are game controllers for Microsoft XBox, Nintnedo, Sega, Playstation, Valve/Steam, Retro Consoles, Game Controllers, Handheld Consoles, ASUS Rog Ally, Ouya, SNK, Nvidia, LeapFrog.

Failure to Turn On


Sometimes game controllers will fail to power on, or shutdown immediately after power up. Sometimes connections get loose or solder joints fail from a lot of use, but Techy Gilroy can repair your favorite game controller to work like new.


Failure to Charge/Hold a Charge


If replacing your game controller battery restore power to your game controller, you may need some additional work on your device. We can evaluate and diagnose any problem associated with your game controller, so don't hesitate to bring your failing equipment to us for repair! We look forward to seeing you!


Won't Connect to Console


If your game controller won't connect to your game console, is it within range of your game console? Are the batteries charged?  Has it powered off after a period of inactivity? If non of these things solve the connectivity issue, bring your until into our store and we can diagnose and repair your device.


Random Button Presses/Button Non-Response


Buttons on your game controller see a lot of use, and are regularly pressed hard in the heat of of the moment. After years of this, it may need some servicing. Techy Gilroy is here to keep your game controller working at peak performance nad keep you in the game! What can we fix for you today?


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