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Game Console Repair Services

Techy Gilroy repairs any kind of game console. We can solve your unexpected shutdown issue, fix the lack of video or audio signal, restore your ability to access the internet, repair your game pad, and bring your controller back to life. We can fix your game console, regardless of the brand or age. Game consoles we fix commonly are Microsoft XBox, Nintnedo, Sega, Playstation, Valve/Steam, Retro Consoles, Game Controllers, Handheld Consoles, ASUS Rog Ally, Ouya, SNK, Nvidia, and LeapFrog.

Console Shutdowns


If your game console shuts down while playing, it not only can be irritating, but you may lose valuable data. There are several factors that could be causing this, and Techy Gilroy has the expertise to solve the shutdown problem. Bring your console in today to get it back to peak performance!


No Audio/Video


Game consoles will sometimes lose audio or video signal, interrupting your game play. Several factors can contribute to this, but one thing is for sure - eventually you'll have to get it fixed. Techy Gilroy is here to keep your game console working at peak performance. How can we help?


Internet Connectivity Issues


Internet connectivity problems are one of the more frequent inconveniences gamers experience, and can be frustrating when you're part of an online community. Techy Gilroy understands, and is here to keep your equipment operating to expectation. What technical challenge can we help you with today?


Game Pad Repair


Game Pads get a lot of use, are frequently dropped, leading to button malfunction, cracked screen, or damaged frame. Techy Gilroy is South County's go-to location for game pad repair, or new battery installation. Give us a call or come in today to discuss your game par repair!


Game Controller Repair


Game controllers get torqued, tweaked, dropped, squeezed, and pressed for hours at a time. They work amazingly well for how much we use them, but sometimes they can succumb to the pressure of game play, and need repair. Techy Gilroy is equipped to get your game controller repaired and back to duty quickly! How can we help?


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