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Mac Repair Services

Techy Gilroy repairs any kind of Macintosh computer, desktop or laptop. We can replace your laptop battery, replace lost keyboard keys, upgrade your RAM, or help you with any other computer challenge you may be having. Types of Macs we service include but not limited to; MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro, M1,s M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, 13", 13.3", 13.6", 14", 15" 15.3", 17" 21.5" 24" 27".

Unwanted Restarts


If your Mac suddenly displays a kernal panic screen and restarts, there is a problem with your computer. Techy Gilroy specializes in Mac computer repair and can diagnose and repair your Mac and get you back to computing.


Peripherals Not Working


If you peripherals have stopped comminucating with your computer, there could be a compatibility problem. Techy Gilroy has the diagnostic equipment to determine what is causing the disconnection and get your environment functional again.


Keyboard Issues


Keyboards can sometimes fail, or keys that see a lot of action might auto-repeat. Techy Gilroy can inspect the keypad and components and evaluate what's needed to repair. We can replace a single key, or the entire keyboard.


Physical or Liquid Damage


If your computer has been damaged physically, or liquid has accidently gotten into the circuitry, it can keep you from working. Techy Gilroy has the tools and diagnostic equipment to repair the damaged components, and get your Mac back to working condition.


Mac Starts Up to a Question Mark


If you see a question mark on your screen when you try starting your Mac, there is a problem with the startup disk. Either the disk was damaged, or your Mac can't locate the operating system software. Bring your computer to us, and we'll determine what to fix and get you up and running again.


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